Support Policy

LombMart provides free support to all our customers at any time. Our customers can ask the questions they want, no matter its nature.

Websites Support

Any slight change in the design of your website is free (content change, any retouching, etc.), but if the change requires the inclusion of a blog or a forum or any other of our services, this will mean an increase on the cost before agreed.

All applications of reports are treated via email. All applications will be treated within 24 hours. Of course depending on the problem will be the solution time.

Identity Design Service

Our policy for the identity design services states that it boat considered a service finished until the complete satisfaction of the customer, so you can modify your identity design any times as you please. That´s your right.

Once that the result is accepted and you are satisfied we accept your required service finished. After this phase you lose the possibility of modifying your logo, business card design, etc.

Servers fallen

For the publication of the websites designed by LombMart are used third-party services, that are carefully selected by us. The selected companies‘ services guaranty the best possible performance for your website.

If any of these companies suffered a technical problem, we can’t tell you at 100% of accuracy time it takes to reestablish services. But, we will provide you the 100% of our attention.

You should to know that our website is using the same publishing services of these companies.