Services for Developing and Designing Websites.

Fresh, original and functional designs.

We give you our experience and knowledge for you getting a website at the level that you business deserves. With our services, your website will achieve better sales, more visitors and customers.

Work Methodology

In every project performed by LombMart Inc. we use the following approach to ensure optimal results for your project.


The first stage is to perform a very detailed analysis of the client project’s needs and objectives. With the results of this analysis we develop a proposal, which outlines the work’s scope, deadlines and costs.

Note: This first stage marks the extend and limits of the following phases that we present in a proposal.


When we agree on this first phase LombMart Inc. will suggest the best technology to use to meet your needs. And LombMart Inc. will send you a final agreement outlining scope, timing and an estimated cost for the project. This cost may vary based on the design phase.


LombMart Inc. will present models using Functional Requirements, where you can analyze the website’s design, content organization and operation, with a maximum level of detail. These models represent the exact result design of your website, which will be modified until your full satisfaction.

The process continues until you give us your final approval, because a design change on your website at a later date will be more costly in time and money for both, you and LombMart Inc.
Once we agree in detail on the website‘s structure and operation the final deadlines and costs are adjusted.


The business model and database that support your website logic are structured. The graphic elements, pages, programs and scripts for correct positioning into guides and search engines are developed and adapted. Finally the full operation of your website is confirmed.


The domain and hosting which will serve the website are structured. Your website will be enabled on Internet interacting with real users. LombMart Inc. guarantees you initial website diffusion, because the website is developed with a initial search engine optimization.

The diffusion process characteristics depend on the website objectives. That is why we can offer you other services that would allow you to increase your business audience like search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing campaigns or social media marketing campaigns.


After the website be published, we are at your disposal for any question or consultation for free for a one month period. By requesting our services you already are part of our family.


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