LombMart's clients

We have the honor to possess the trust of important clients of universal scale

All clients deserve the same attention from LombMart, no matter their size. Our clients are served with professionalism, originality and quality. The LombMart interest is the client satisfaction, respecting his privacy.

Massat Consulting Group is a company that offers advisory services at international scale. It possesses the CPA certificate among other titles. It counts with a branch of office in United States, France and Mexico. LombMart feels grateful for possessing the MCG trust, at the same time it feels identified with the MCG philosophy. 

Valdebenito & Associates
The law firm Valdebenito & Associates, PC, is a juridical company dedicated to take care of cases of labor accidents, car accidents, and those caused for another type of negligence. Established in New York, its commitment is principally with the Hispanic community.

Ringtel is dedicated to provide mobile refills for different countries, especially Cuba. It's associated with more than 150 telecommunications companies, allowing you to have a comprehensive list of telephone promotions every week.

SaguaServices is one of the best travel agency in Miami, Florida. It's specializes in all types of travel from United States to Cuba. Provides services such as selling travel ticket, car rental, hotels reservation. This company has won the hearts of the entire Hispanic community in Miami.

OneIT is a leader in providing managed services and network solutions. OneIT is an enterprise located at New York, United States. We appreciate the trust deposited on our cleverness by the OneIT’s executives.

This website has like proposition to allow to bars and clubs at Toulouse, France, to publish information about events and options that they provide. At this moment, the website is on Beta phase.We thank to PartyOn owners the trust showed when they choice us.