Our Team

Professional and dependable

We are a team integrated by engineers, designers and analysts with a great disposition for working. We have a considerable knowledge and experience about the internet industry. Experience given for more than seven years on the basis of professionalism, elegancy, creativity and authenticity to do our works. Among our better features we have the confidentiality of our clients.

Our work is based on new technologies which change daily, to give solution to the needs of our clients. Among the technologies where we are really good. We have the fallowing ones:

  • CMS Drupal7
  • Symfony2
  • Yii Framework
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Foundation

Our team of design has a great creativity and we put it at your service.

We are a multicultural team, from different parts of the world, but with an objective, the satisfaction of the client is the first thing. We identify our self with each work and we put it at its highest level.