Our History


While we worked on different projects, we feel that on the projects it not exploited the possibilities offered by internet. This factor and the desire to make new challenges, led us to the idea of ??creating a company which used the potential of the network for customers.

Another factor that led us to found the company was the desire to share our experiences with others. While we do new jobs, we document it and this documentation is published on the web for public enjoyment.

Among our objectives is to develop tools that facilitate the design and development of web applications and marketing strategies and integration with social networks. But we wanted to nurture our systems in real experiences.


The union of all these factors led us to found the company in 2010, the LombMart Company. A company of young people, with a well-drawn strategy. It provides solutions for all types of business, achieving the same results as the big agencies through the network of networks.

We have identified with all the projects we have worked, always keeping the initial enthusiasm that led us to found LombMart. Despite having a small career as a company, our portfolio has been growing day by day, and our customers have been satisfied with our work, this is our goal and we can say we've accomplished it.