Frequently asked questions

Not any question has an obvious answer. Ask us!

While we have done new jobs, our customers have asked us several questions and we selected the most frequent. You may have other questions not answered in this section. If it is the case ask us here.

How long does it take to create a website, multimedia, applications, etc.?

For the customer get a completion date, you should keep in mind some questions: 

  • Do you have clear your ideas of the result you want? 
  • What is the scope and complexity of the result you expected? 
  • What are the services you hire to meet your needs?

Do LombMart Inc. host designed websites on their own servers?

For websites hosting, third-party services are used. These services are carefully selected to ensure the best possible performance for your website. 
You should know that our official website is using the same publishing services that we choose for you.

Who provides the web page content?

The customer always provides the website content. We take care of how to show it. If your content requires images, you must to provide it if you don’t requested services for image creation.

How do I know I will like the design you do?

All our designs are personalized, we do not use templates. In the graphic design phase of our work methodology, constantly we show you the work and this phase is not over until your approval. This way, you will always like our design.

How much does a website cost?

The price for a website design and development depends on the services requested. All websites are not equals, some have more requirements than others, so it takes into account the website magnitude. If you plan to make a website, you can request a fee and we will prepare you a budget.